Oahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpgOahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpgMobile Massage Oahu Dollar A Minute Chair MassageOahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpgOauhu Outcall Massage HawaiiOahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpgOahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpg Chair Massages In Waikiki One Dollar A Minute Oahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpgOahu-Mobile-Spa-Day-Spa-Massages-Hawaii-Waikiki-Honolulu-Outcall-_01.jpg
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~ Mobile Therapy $1 A Minute - Call Toll FREE 877-644-3209 Rejuvenating Wellness Hawaiian Lomi Lomi By Ximena Arestizabal - School Of Holistic Lomi Healing

Daily Specials: $1 Dollar A Minute Or $60 For One Hr Massage Waikiki

 Book Massages In Honlulu Hawaii

Call 877-644-3209 Client Travel Rating -> Reviews and Remarks On Testimonials

Incredible therapy, affordable chair massage, fit our vacation budget perfectly," my and Jan renewed energy in two full hours, every single minute restores sore tired muscle tensions immediately - We recommend youre services - Mark and Princess Washington of Los Angeles CA.

Bliss and relaxation on a honeymoon retreat to Kaneohe, Ximena and Brandy where creative with Hawaiian lomi mixed with deep shiatsu - after 4 hrs up paddling our custom Kayaks to moukes Islands in Kailua, OahuMassage.com i recommend youre outcall spa services to everyone visiting and traveling to Winward Oahu- Lols :) Coach Hall Brown former UH football staff.

Beyond relaxation with a touch embraced with lomi lomi healing hands - what ever herbal oils used, we bought 3 bottles from them - thank you guys for the most memorable experience of a life time in Hawaii we highly recommend

Magical Transformations In Oahu

Ive been blessed to have youre services and specialist adjust and moderate my back, neck and shoulders using sports deep tissue massages on a monthly bases," moreover at my age of 68 I figured I was done living and needed to get some counseling.

Regards to Ximena and here expert medic al trained therapies - Janice Brady Kailua Hawaii

Oahu Mobile Massage - One Dollar A Minute

Welcome To OahuMassage.com Workplace Retreats All Natural Wellness Massage Honolulu Programs Vacation Homes, Health Fairs, Trade Shows, Businesses - Exceed customer expectations by providing a consistent, high quality massage in a relaxing environment at an affordable price. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

We provide a absolutely comfortable and convenient shiatsu massage therapy experience using all natural products holistic remedies in an atmosphere immersed in the elements of nature.

We promote massage as an important luxury promotional travel part of self-care and support a lifestyle of health and wellness in Hawaii.

Get Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massages

Escape a stressful life style for a full body treatment customized to you're liking on you're next trip destination Oahu Hawaii - Experience the immediate deep healing hands of female LMT's authorized in the State Of Hawaii board certified masseuses," carrying out body oils sessions and deep aroma massages from Asian style to Hawaii lomi lomi - Therapeutic treatments in home are Hawaii's most upscale retreats with services and therapist traveling to you're condos resorts and events in Honolulu," you've spent you're day's getting healthy and fit," now it's you're turn to unwind and get relaxed using OahuMassage.com as a full body mobile service on the go," all therapies include lomi lomi as an option, deep tissue integrated with healing tantra music," will encourage restful bliss all in one mobile spa package.

The chocolate scented aroma oils and fresh pikake oils will enlighten any event," expelling oils bring vigor and better breathing," you're therapist increases pressure as the scented candles melt down and healing hands compress deeper and deeper," you will feel renewed energy and vitality on your in home Honolulu massage spa vacation.

Vacations and events for small and large groups are tired and warned down from vacation activities throughout a destination retreat to Hawaii," our

specialty bodywork of wellness massage

that targets medical trained therapy is on target: all members are insured licensed and trained in physical therapy," more over the best Honolulu therapist work onsite in home spas Oahu," many Hawaii visitors want to a healing massage, some want romantic couples massage or beach massage in Kailua, Waikiki, Waimanalo and Northshore Sunset Beach Oahu," these accommodations are top certified and ranked as a quality service for highend clientele,"

Advanced bodywork for corporate shows and office massage for mobile services Honolulu is perfect for travelers and conventions," make it a special occasion finally with chair massages on the go,"

You have the opportunity to heel much faster while gaining experience and knowledge listed below...

* Physical Therapy: What to Expect
* Back Pain Relief- Cause and Prevention
* Shoulder Injuries and Rehab Center
* Complete Ankle Rehabilitation Program Honolulu
* Knee Injuries and Rehabilitation Oahu

Most Popular Massage Therapy Treatments

* PT Massage Programs * Lomi Lomi * Shiatsu * Reflexology Foot Massage * Thai * Sports Massage * Medical Massages * Deep Tissue Massages * Myofascial Release * Hotel Massage In Oahu * Mobile Massage On Oahu * Deep Breathing Massage Training In Hawaii * Professional Therapist In Waikiki * Non Sexual Therapy In Waikiki * Non Asian Massage In Waikiki * Non Thai Massage In Honolulu *
* Hamstring Stretch Classes
* Back Stretching Classes
* Neck Pain Release Classes
* Body Stretch Release Classes * Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Classes

Bodywork Recommended In Mobile Therapy

1) Russian Massage Called Rolfing Top Certified Sports Therapy Hawaii
2) Step back with your affected foot keeping it flat on the floor
3) Move the other leg forward and slowly lean in toward the wall
4) Stop when you feel a stretch through the calf
5) Hold for 30 seconds then relax - repeat 10 times

Things you can do to help you're aid and recovery faster from

Running laps around the Ala Wai canal in Waikiki is proven to help jumpstart metabolism," running, jogging, hiking and blinking is both used as a cardiovascular exercise," everyone wants to be healthy," our certified therapy and massage instructors choose the best routines and plans to aid in physical activity," keep a sharp mind,"clarity is important in any sport," eating healthy foods in Honolulu is highly recommended by Down To Earth and Whole foods Market in at the Kahala Mall.


AMTA Certified Therapist Hawaii Insured Company and Therapy Services Online Products

Reserve our Luxury Suite for your special evening, bridal party or girls night out Waikiki

Attention - Get FREE 20 Minute Foot Reflexology Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub with any 90 Minute Session - Waikiki - Honolulu - Promotions Ends June 29, 2012

Waikiki Spa Holds up to 7 People

Contact OahuMassage.com

Mobile Massage Price Menu List

Golf Hawaii

Tailored Therapist and Full body Work: NOTE*All Mobile Service Include 1 LMT, 1 Table, Fresh Linens, Scented Aroma Oils, Spa Music, Candela Lights: Optional Rooibos Teas, and Ganoderma Mushroom Coffee: - Option #1 Mobile Waikiki Condos To Daimaondhead 6o Minute Session Starts at $60.00 Tip Not Included -

The Waikiki Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 90 Minute Session Starts At $60.00 Add Outside Of

Also Indulge In Spa Waikiki Purifying Exfoliation with Masque,
Skin Perfecting Moisturizer and SPF
Includes a relaxing massage along the Neck, Shoulder, Décollete, arms and hand areas (not full body)
Warm Steamed Towel Treatment

Aroma therapy Massage $60.00

Therapeutic and luxurious. An invigorating body exfoliation followed by a full body massage and aroma steam treatment.

Your Choice:
Purifying - Hydrating - Serenity - 1 hour 45 minutes
Escape Package:The Ultimate Gift

A Relaxation Massage every month for a year.

Outcall Spa Packages Waikiki

All packages include a private intimate spa experience with adequate time spent in our quiet area before and after your treatments as well as the enjoyment of our organic gourmet herbal teas.

Pamper Me
60 minute Swedish massage
Face Mask
Aroma therapy Oil
Foot Glow
$60 per person

Rescue Me
90 minute Swedish massage
Neck Wrap
Aroma therapy Oil
Back Glow
$60 per person

Rejuvenate Me
120 minute Swedish massage
Cold stone face massage
Aroma therapy Oil
Face Mask
Foot Glow

*All packages may have deep tissue, back, neck shoulders, or maternity for $10.
*All packages may also have any other treats added for $9.
*Each person in the group may pick their treatment length, everyone does not have to have the same treatment length.
*Add hot stone for $20.


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